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Ayurveda gift basket for the perfect daily routine

From Blueberry Bunch and Lime and Cocoa

Ayurveda Gift Basket

I’ve partnered with Lime and Cocoa to create this beautiful gift basket filled with hand-picked Ayurvedic products and ancient wisdom to support your daily routine, as well as other products I think you’ll love.

What’s included:

  • Bottle of daily swish for oil pulling
  • Tongue scraper
  • Massage oil for everyday use
  • E-book (PDF download) that covers my favorite Dinacharya practices
  • Relaxing soy candle
  • Lavender Epson salt bath

Treat yourself or someone you love.

This gift basket is available through Lime and Cocoa for $108. Also available to be added: The Great Gift of Ghee cookbook (shown in the picture above). Contact Lime and Cocoa for details, or email me at

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