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Cozinha Intuitiva in English

A culinary experience with Karina Bonnadiu and Luciana Ferraz


Learn how to choose ingredients that will naturally support your body based on the Ayurvedic principles of “sad rasa” (six tastes)

Demonstration of a vegetarian menu including appetizer, main course, and dessert

Tasting of all recipes

E-book including recipes, substitutions and bonus for you to adapt in your kitchen


Appetizer: Feta Dill Gluten Free Bread / Cashew Cream Cheese (requeijão) / Labneh with za’atar

Main course: Falafel with Mint cream / Quinoa tabbouleh

Dessert: Chocolate Tahini Pistacchio Tart

+1 Bonus recipe!


Thursday Feb, 3rd / 10:00am – 2:00pm / Hibiscus Island (Miami Beach)

Investment: $150


* Class in person and in English

** Proof of a Negative Covid test will be required by all participants (pharmacy test is ok)

*** Limited space!!!!!


Don’t hesitate to send a message or email me at

All material and information presented by Blueberry Bunch is intended to be used for educational purposes only. The statements made about products, supplements, or treatments have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The information on is not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any condition or disease. Please consult with your own physician or health care practitioner before making changes to your diet, exercise routine, or lifestyle.

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Welcome to the Blueberry Bunch blog with wellbeing inspiration

Luciana Ferraz, creator of Blueberry Bunch

Hello! I am so excited to have launched my new Blueberry Bunch blog and website. It’s a place for you to come explore the meaning of wellbeing and what it means to you.

What aspects of your wellbeing are important to you?

Do you want to learn about Ayurveda and how to incorporate it into your daily life?

  • Gain an appreciation for healthier foods?
  • Reduce unhealthy cravings?
  • Learn ways to deal with daily stressors?
  • Achieve your desired healthy weight?
  • Sleep better? Feel more vibrant, confident and even younger?
  • Enjoy better overall life balance?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, there are many ways I can support your goals.

Get inspiration you need from the Blueberry Bunch blog, and directly from me.

As an integrative nutrition health coach, certified Ayurvedic counselor and certified yoga instructor, I live to inspire, educate and motivate healthy lifestyle changes within individuals and groups who seek a more balanced and integrative (or holistic) way of living. I’ll be sharing inspiration for you right here on the Blueberry Bunch blog. I’ll deliver it directly to you if you join my newsletter. And I’d love to explore other personalized support with you.

My approach is based on a longtime interest and study of holistic practices.

I developed an interest in healthy living as a teenager, and it inspired me to adopt a cleaner diet and practice yoga. But once I worked in the corporate world for a while, I got burned out. I realized the negative effects of living a stressed-out life. I was constantly running to retreats, yoga classes and cleanses in India to undo the daily neuroses I was living. And I wanted to save everyone I worked with, too, from the unhealthy food in planes and conference rooms, from the lack of work-life balance and so much more. It led me to pursue a higher quality of life with greater balance and knowledge—and I absolutely love using all I’ve learned to motivate and empower others who want restoration for their mind, body and soul.

Don’t just take it from me.

Troy Ludgood, managing director at Head of Core Fixed Income shares, “Prior to working with Luciana, I was easily agitated, had lost motivation for work and found my ‘funks’ to be occurring frequently. The sessions with Luciana have worked in ways that previous efforts have failed. I now feel a richness about life and a sense of purpose and excitement that I haven’t felt in decades.” See what other happy clients are saying.

Let’s stay connected, shall we?

I believe wellbeing is much more than looking after our bodies, and I’ll be sharing many ways you can do that right here on my Blueberry Bunch blog. To explore what it looks like for you:

Until next time, here’s to a healthy, happy you!


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7 Day Group Cleanse

Reset your body for the holiday season !!
During this 7 days, you will learn how to eat wholesome foods that will decrease toxins and chemicals in your body.

Sign up at:

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