Detox programs with Luciana Ferraz

It’s like pressing the reset button on your relationship with food and your body.

Would you like to feel better about your body and skin? Increase your energy? Learn more about clean eating and improve your relationship with food? Join a detox by integrative nutrition health coach Luciana Ferraz. It’s an excellent opportunity to get the knowledge and inspiration you need to eat wholesome foods and give your body a break from processed foods, toxins and chemicals.

Your Detox experience with Luciana

  • Choose from a group detox or individual. Group detoxes usually run for seven days but can go longer as appropriate. The length of individual detoxes is tailored to your goal.
  • Select your theme. Luciana offers seasonal detoxes, which are designed to help you feel better about your body as you head into summer or approach or recover from other holidays, for example. Choose the current theme, or talk with Luciana if you have other specific goals or timing in mind. Hop over to the events page to see what’s on the schedule.
  • Receive support from anywhere. Your detox will start with a kickoff call (or in-person meeting in Miami, if you prefer). You’ll receive a comprehensive guide beforehand and emails to support you throughout your journey.

How you can benefit

By cleansing your body and eating healthier, you could enjoy benefits like:

  • Feeling healthier, happier and more confident
  • Better energy and life balance
  • Appreciation for tasty, nutritious food
  • Reduced unhealthy cravings
  • Healthier weight and body you feel good about
  • Glowing skin
  • Feeling younger and aging gracefully

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See what others are saying.

“I was extremely impressed with the results I achieved! I’ve lost weight and felt very energetic! In addition, I’ve completed changed my eating habits, learning how to buy and cook delicious whole food and make that part of my daily menu.”

– Luciana Pavan, CMO Zing Rides

Learn more about Luciana.

Luciana’s unique holistic approach comes from both western and eastern influences and includes integrative nutrition health coaching, Ayurveda, detoxes, meditation, pranayama, yoga, essential oils and other tools that she can help you explore in your journey to live better. Read more